Vanessa Hudgens just chopped off her hair, and it’s #HAIRGOALS

Ever since she burst onto the scene in her Disney days, Vanessa Hudgens has been pretty much known for her long, beachy brunette waves. But she loves to change things up, and she’s always keeping us guessing with her hair looks. Vanessa just showed off a short new ‘do, and we are absolutely loving the fresh change.

Vanessa is co-hosting the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, and it seems she decided to chop her mermaid locks into a chic bob, showing off the dramatic change on Instagram. Vanessa always seems to have fun with her look, and her latest change is perfect for summer.

Before we get into the new cut, let’s take a look at what Vanessa looked like BEFORE:

And now:

GORGEOUS, right?

Vanessa is no stranger to changing up her look, and she pulls off seriously everything she tries, from blonde ombré waves to blunt bangs. Vanessa’s short bob is great for summer, giving her a low-maintenance vibe that works at the beach or, you know, onstage at the Billboard Music Awards. Even if you’re not spending your weekends on a red carpet like she does, check out some of Vanessa’s best bob moments.

A wavy lob on the cover of Women’s Health

Showing off a hint of red

A sunny day bob

Playful curls

Beautifully bronze ends

Vanessa’s a true hair chameleon, and we love how game she is to experiment. #hairgoals to the max.

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