Vanessa Hudgens just beautifully articulated her grief over missing her father

Losing someone you love is difficult no matter who you are.

This week, actress Vanessa Hudgens experienced such a loss after her father, Greg, passed away following a long battle with cancer. The 27-year-old first announced the news last Sunday in a tweet shared with her social media followers.

Since then, Hudgens—who starred as Rizzo in NBC’s live staging of Grease just 24 hours after her father’s passing—has been very open about her grief even dedicating her performance to him. And yesterday she shared another message via Twitter and Instagram that reads, “If only,” above an image that says “I wish heaven had visiting hours.”

We wish Hudgens and her family the best in dealing with this tremendous loss and hope the actress and singer can keep on inspiring us to stay strong through even the most difficult ordeals life throws our way.

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