Vanessa Hudgens got the best response from Paris Hilton after deciding to go blonde

Is it true that blondes have more fun? It’s probably open for debate. Vanessa Hudgens went platinum blonde and shared the photos on Instagram. After posting, it became obvious that the actress had a fan we were unaware of. A fan who, well, knows a lot about owning the hair color. That fan? Paris Hilton.

While Hudgens is most often a brunette, she’s no stranger to switching it up a bit. On Instagram, she made it clear that she decided on blonde for two reasons — one, for So You Think You Can Dance. Hudgens is a judge on the show this season, thus she’s getting a lot of camera time.

And the second reason? Well, it seems like after going platinum, you may just appreciate Taylor Swift’s music a little more.

Sounds like Hudgens is all ready to back Swift up during her upcoming, yet-to-be-announced tour.

Of course, based on the fact that her hair is a lot longer than it was when we last saw her at the VMAs, we’re guessing it’s probably a super convincing wig.

Even so, we think that this is a look that should stick around for awhile. Hilton would back us up on that, as she made a point to praise the actress on both Instagram posts.

In response to the first photo, she sent a fire emoji — an ultimate sign of respect in the Instagram world.


And for the sing-along video, Hilton used some words to express her approval.


We agree. Hudgens is pulling this look off like no other.

Now that we know they’re friends (or at least super supportive of each other on Instagram) do you think there’s a chance that Hudgens might appear on Hilton’s super secretive new show? We can only hope.

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