The party pics from Vanessa Hudgens’ ~Freak Show~ Halloween bash are giving us FOMO

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of Halloween. Every year she excitedly counts down the days and throws an annual bash. This year, her party was themed after one of her favorite seasons of the iconic FX series — American Horror Story: Freak Show.

“I love AHS: Freak Show so much,” she revealed to People in September about the party theme. “I love all the different seasons. I’m trying to find all the props and secondary is the costume. I don’t hire someone to do [the event planning]. I do it all myself.”

Hudgens could clearly have a second career as an event planner because the photos that have surfaced from her Saturday night bash are epic.

For starters, she and her bae Austin Butler went as matching sad clown-type things? We don’t really know what this look is, but it’s fierce AF.

Hudgens went all out with the props and decorations…

…like this freaky Sarah Paulson-inspired two-headed doll.

Hudgens’ BFF Ashley Tisdale was there, dressed as Maddie Ziegler from the Sia music videos.


Nikki Reed stopped by — looking like some kind of whimsical bride.

Hudgens’ little sister Stella Hudgens channeled the infamous “bullseye” from AHS: Freak Show.

Click through the gallery below for videos from the party — there were legit circus performers in Hudgens’ backyard!

All the guests totally lived up to the theme, and the photobooth was lit.

Listen, we have low-key FOMO over here, and it’s chill. But like, we wouldn’t mind an invite next year. ?

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