Vanessa Hudgens’ #1 fitness tip is something we can get behind

Knowing how to stay fit for the long haul is the eternal struggle, but luckily there are people to help us along the way. In the Women’s Health May issue, Vanessa Hudgens reveals how she eats and works out to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and she also shared her favorite fitness tip. It’s not what you would expect — but her perspective makes SO much sense.

Basically, Hudgens has a workout routine like many of us do, which involves a combo of pilates, yoga, soul cycle and circuit training (damn, girl!). But her trick is that she doesn’t consider it fitness at all. At least not physical fitness. Wait, what?

"It's more like therapy for me," she shared.

Whoa, brilliant! Because “fitness” kinda sounds like a chore, but therapy is something that makes us feel balanced and, hopefully, happier. We love that healthy approach, and it definitely sounds like an effective motivator.

She also revealed that she’s very competitive, so working out with other people is another trick to help her get the most out of her exercises.

"I'm such a performer," she says. "I love being in front, because I'll push myself harder and I'll give the class energy too. So it's a win-win."

Um, can we be a fly on the wall for one of those classes?!

When it comes to food and eating healthy (the other eternal struggle), Hudgens swears by avocados. Like, she eats a whole one every day. Sounds like a good idea to us, especially because avocados can be incorporated into literally any meal. Oh, and they’re straight up delicious.

Thanks for sharing your tips, Vanessa. Gonna go sign up for that group work out class now, or rally friends together and start our own class!

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