Vanessa Hudgens has a lot of anxieties about being on stage for “Grease: Live”

Performing in any way, shape, or form is stressful, but doing it live? That’s totally nerve-wracking. In fact, it’s keeping Vanessa Hudgens, who is set to play Rizzo in the upcoming Grease: Live, awake at night just thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. She expressed some of her anxieties to Jimmy Kimmel when she stopped by his show Wednesday night, and gave us a glimpse at what life on stage is really like.

When Jimmy asked if she was nervous for the show, Vanessa confessed that she wasn’t nervous until a rehearsal that very day. During a run through of “Sandra Dee,” the actress stepped onto a bench and accidentally flipped it mid-song, toppling herself to the ground and halting the entire performance.

However, this isn’t Vanessa’s only experience with the stage. She just finished up her first Broadway run, which threw her enough curveballs to last a lifetime, including things breaking on stage and actors saying lines that weren’t in the script.

No matter how crazy things get, we’re confident Vanessa is going to kill it during her performance. Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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