The trailer for Vanessa Hudgen’s “Powerless” is here, where superheroes meet LOL

Sure, it would be great to have superpowers. But it would be even *better* to have those powers if you had to face actual superheroes — not just for like, fun. That’s the premise of one of NBC’s upcoming shows, and we’re very intrigued. Powerless proves it’s hard to be normal with superheroes all around — but it’s also, apparently, full of laughs. We’re already big fans of mixing superheroes with tons of laughs.

Powerless follows Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens. Locke is the new director of Research and Development at Wayne Security. Yep, Wayne, like Wayne Enterprises — Powerless takes place in the DC universe. Wayne Security develops products to keep normal people safe during a superhero battle.

TBH, we think the concept is BRILLIANT. How many times have you watched a superhero movie or show and basically just worried about the people in the background? It’s fun to watch superhero movies and TV, but living in a world with them would be total chaos (And you’d need every kind of insurance imaginable because your house, car, workplace, and actual body would basically always be in danger).

Sadly, the folks at Wayne Security are having a bit of a tough time making products that are legitimately helpful. So, Emily Locke has her work cut out for her. In the 30-second trailer released today, she definitely has to get the team in shape for they can *actually* start helping people.

Luckily, Powerless also stars some incredibly funny folks like Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, and Ron Funches, so we know the comedy will be up to snuff, even if Wayne Security’s anti-rubble umbrella isn’t.

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