Vanessa Carlton just revealed that she’s working on a new album, and our dedicated hearts are so thrilled

We’ve always had a thing for artists who refuse to get caught up in the messiness of fame. So we of course are head over heels for Vanessa Carlton. We have so much admiration for the way that Vanessa Carlton’s created music throughout the years, mostly because she does so at her own pace. She’s seriously so amazing! So when we saw that Carlton has a new album in the works, we were SO excited.

No matter how long we have to wait between albums, we remain dedicated fans of Vanessa Carlton post-“One Thousand Miles” because we always know we’re going to get something truly epic. The talented beauty casually dropped the info that she’s working on another album during a tour of her new home.

Which is totally beautiful, BTW.

In case you were wondering, Vanessa Carlton isn’t just an amazing artist. She’s also got a future as a decorator in our humble opinion.

She seriously just snuck the comment about another album into this photo!

Carlton wrote,

"The girls are up in the new house. Time to write the next album."

Naturally, her fans responded just as we did: with SO MUCH ENTHUSIASM.

One commented,

"Music to my ears!!!"

And another said,


Which pretty much sums up how we feel about another Vanessa Carlton album.