Vanessa Bayer opened up about her decision to leave “SNL”

We’re still mourning the fact that Vanessa Bayer has left Saturday Night Live. She was such an important part of the iconic sketch comedy show for so long, so we know there’ll be a noticeable shift when it returns for Season 43 this fall.

Bayer joined the cast as a featured player in 2010 and was named a full-fledged cast member in 2012. She brought some incredible characters and impersonations with her, including Rachel Green from Friends, Mary-Louise Parker, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Of course, Bayer has a few projects lined up — like a movie called Ibiza, which is set to start shooting in Eastern Europe later this year.

"I'm excited to do some new things and of course I already miss SNL," Bayer said to E! News. "They have such a wonderful group over there. I'm just excited to watch SNL and do some new things. I'm sorry, that was very repetitive."

We’re so glad that things ended on good terms. It sounds like Bayer had a tough call to make but decided to try and explore other options.

"It was such a wonderful place to work. I had such a time there, but it just felt like it was time. Everyone was just so nice about it. I had such a wonderful last season. I just felt like it was time for someone else to…I guess entertain America," Bayer said with a laugh.

No matter what, we’ll always think of her when we eat Totino’s pizza rolls.

Bayer tried out a few new things during the show’s off-seasons, notably the film Office Christmas Party, in which she starred alongside Jennifer Aniston. It must have been pretty interesting, as Bayer’s portrayal of Aniston made headlines for being so funny.

"She was so sweet about it, and she was so nice—she's just such a good sport. She's so great," Bayer said, regarding Aniston's feelings on the popular impression.

We have a feeling that Vanessa Bayer wouldn’t mind coming back as host someday — and if and when she does, we hope to see all of our favorite characters back on screen once again.