This glow-in-the-dark Vincent Van Gogh costume will completely blow your mind

Every Halloween, there is that one person who goes all out and completely puts the rest of us to shame. They either think of an incredibly original costume idea, or put in so much detail that you cannot look away for even a second. Well, a Redditor recently shared his Halloween costume, and it combined both originality and painstaking detail work. It’s a glow-in-the-dark Vincent van Gogh costume that will have you gagging.


Vito Polizzi is a musician from the Metro Detroit area who decided that this year, he would attend the Halloween festivities dressed like Vincent Van Gogh. He told Mashable:

"I look somewhat like Van Gogh because of my reddish hair and complexion. So I thought it would be fun to paint my face like one of his self portraits."



Not only did Polizzi come dressed as the artist, he made sure that the details on the costume were perfect. He covered virtually every inch with glow-in-the-dark paint! His costume has the same effect as Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, which look like they are moving due to a technique called impasto.


Polizzi said:

"[In regular lighting, the costume] looks similar but less of a wow factor because of the paints I used. I'm doing it again tonight and planned on making the day time version look as good as the glow version since not many places are equipped with the black lights my costume needs for the full effect."


Just look at it in motion! It really looks amazing. This is a perfect example of how to take something ordinary — dressing up like a famous person — and make it your own. You can be the hit of any Halloween party when you put your very own spin on it.

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