Here’s how to order the Vampire Frappuccino at Starbucks in America

Polish up those fangs of yours and get ready to sink them into something very sweet. Starbucks is in the process of releasing its Vampire Frappuccino in multiple locations worldwide. So how can we dig our claws into a cup here in U.S.? It might be challenging, but it can be done.

As of right now, two versions of the Vampire Frappuccino (named Mr. and Mrs. Vampire Frappuccino) have been added to Starbucks menus in the U.K., Singapore, Norway, and Sweden. According to Starbucks Singapore, both versions start with a layer of mocha and a dollop of whipped cream at the bottom.

For the Mr. Vampire Frapp, a chocolate cereal is sprinkled on top. And the Mrs. Vampire gets a dash of vanilla. Both drinks are then doused with “blood-red strawberry puree oozing from the rim” and are finished off with another dollop of whipped cream.

These are drinks we’d leave our coffin for — and we don’t leave our coffin for anything!

But here’s the thing — the Vampire Frappuccino has yet to land on U.S. turf this year, and no one is sure if it ever will. But even if U.S. Starbucks chains remain Vampire Frapp-free, you can still Frankenstein together your own version, now that you know the recipe.

Or if you really need to sip on some Halloween spirit, you can wait for the caramel apple-flavored Zombie Frappuccino. This spooky beverage is reportedly slated to begin haunting U.S. Starbucks for a limited time on October 26th.

And who knows? Maybe Starbucks will surprise us and grace us with the Vampire Frappuccino alongside the Zombie. That would almost be too much for our cold, dead hearts to handle. Almost.

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