‘The Vampire Diaries’ lost Elena but it’s getting its first same-sex couple next season

Things were really shaken up in Mystic Falls last season on The Vampire Diaries. The biggest thing is that Nina Dobrev gracefully bowed out of her role as Elena (all to let Bonnie keep living) which means we’ll be down one for the count when Season 7 returns this fall. Or, will we? While Elena’s not coming, they’ll be a few new vampires hanging around next season, and they sound awesome.

According to TVLine, the show is looking to cast three new characters, including a pair of vampires in a same-sex relationship! While this is still very early information, and could change before the show actually starts shooting, it sounds like we need to set up a warm welcome for Nora and Mary Louise.  They’re two vampires in their mid-20s, who are YES, in a relationship. However, we probably shouldn’t get too friendly with them, seeing as how they’re described as, “a dangerous duo of down-low lovers with murderous tendencies…anyone foolish enough to cross either of them will feel both their wraths.”

We’ll take the same-sex couple part, TVD, but that murderous part? Not too keen on that. Isn’t there enough murder, and mayhem, and then resurrection happening already?

There’s another new vampire, too, going by the name of Valerie who will “[rely] on her dry sense of humor to counter a life of pain and dismissal,” and sounds like she’ll become a love interest for some of Mystic Falls most eligible bachelors.

Still, bear in mind that this could all change before Season 7 actually gets underway, and we could wind up with a whole different set of new characters. But, these girls sound really, really awesome. Even if they bring along a little bit of chaos, too. But hey, nothing will ever be as bad as that Season 6 finale, with a super bloody wedding and then all those tearful goodbyes to Elena, right? Right??

(Image The CW.)

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