For those who love a demure cat-eye, The Vamp Stamp is coming out with a kitten-sized stamp

From Brigitte Bardot to Ronnie Spector and Adele to Taylor Swift, many of our favorite stars have mastered the look of the cat-eye. But while they usually have a professional makeup artist at their fingertips, the rest of us non-famouses have had to practice for hours on end in order to draw a decent wing. That’s why we immediately fell in love with the cat-eye makeup stamp, The Vamp Stamp. We are all about makeup innovation — especially when it makes application easier — and The Vamp Stamp allows you to get perfect liner every single time.

Originally, The Vamp Stamp came in two “VaVaVoom” sizes, medium and large. And now they’re coming up with something perfect for those who prefer the teeny-tiniest flick of a wing: the all-new “Kitten” size, which will be available this summer!

Whether you are new to winging it, or just want a mellow version, the Kitten-sized Vamp Stamp is perfect!

The Vamp Stamp’s Vink eyeliner is sold separately, and comes with its own brush to line the rest of your lid.

We are so excited to get our hands on the Kitten! A steady hand is no problem with this makeup secret weapon!

Who doesn’t want perfect vampy liner?

Keep an eye out for the itty-bitty Kitten Vamp Stamp when it launches this summer!

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