15 Valentine’s Day tweets that will make us single people LOL

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for anyone who appreciates pink frosted cookies, festive Snapchat filters, and an excuse to buy an expensive new bag in the name of self-love (#TREATYOSELF), but despite our best efforts, its reputation as an exclusive couples-only holiday persists.

While commemorating Valentine’s Day by sending a thoughtful gift to dear friends or buying your mom a well-deserved card is every bit as valid as a romantic night on the town, being single on February 14th can still carry stigma (even if just in our own minds). Even those who are ecstatic with their single status every other day of the year can feel a bit of resentment on the holiday of ~love~.

Fortunately, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you are far from the only person gazing at Chrissy Teigen’s swoon-worthy Instagram photos with John Legend for hours. There are celebrities, Olympic champions, and thousands more single people taking to Twitter today to mourn/laugh in solidarity.

These Valentine’s Day tweets are funny enough to make you choke on your half-priced chocolates. Seriously.

Some have a positive attitude about flying solo.


Others are less thrilled.

Some are just plain over the holiday and everything that comes with it.



Some are ignoring it altogether.

And, finally, this should be all of our Valentine’s Day moods:


We hope you enjoyed this array of Valentine’s Day tweets. And remember — when in doubt, treat yo’ self.

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