5 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs to Get You in the Mood for Love

From hot pink French mani's to cute little painted hearts, sport these designs recommended by experts and influencers.

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Nail art can be your best accessory. When you’re running out of the house, no time for makeup or hair, welp, at least your nails are done. Plus, it can be hella fun — especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Whether you do them yourself or you have the luxury of a regular appointment with your favorite nail tech, it’s time to start thinking about what designs will adorn those digits for the national day of love.

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While a click over to Pinterest will net you more than 900 Valentine’s nail design options, we’ve narrowed down those that are trending at this very moment. From tiny little hearts to hot pink French mani’s and even candy-inspired, we’ve got the nails to covet come Feb. 14.

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1. Hearts of fire

New York nail tech Alyssa Mulé created these flaming hearts by painting the tips a sparkly red, then stenciling white flame-like hearts over it. It’s an edgy twist for the day of romance.

2. Hot pink French mani

Hot pink french mani

A French mani is always a classic — but this one recommended by the artists at Bellacures offers a Valentine’s inspired-twist. Swap out the traditional white tips, with pink! Manicure stickers like these are a great cheat for an easy DIY at-home French mani.

3. Hearts and polka dots

hearts and dots nails

What says Valentine’s more than hearts and fun flirty polka dots? You can have both with this adorable trend courtesy of Bellacures. Simply paint the entire nail a ballerina pink and then freehand paint the hearts and dots with a thin nail brush. Or better yet, use nail decals like these! 

4. Ombré

Ombre nails

Ombré nails are a gradual pop of red which fades to white, adding a subtle but festive twist, say the nail artists at Bellacures. Believe it or not, all you need to do this trend is an eyeshadow brush. After painting your nails the base color, while they’re still wet, dip the shadow brush in the second color and dab it across where the two colors meet. This blends the colors together to create a blurred area, creating that ombré effect.

5. Sweetheart nails

We’re talking sweet like candy. And nothing says Valentine’s Day more than sweethearts themselves. They’ve been a V-Day staple since 1902! In this clever nail design, you simply paint a sweetheart candy on the ring finger of each hand. You can have it simply say XO, or something more naughty — if you dare.

Don’t have the time or the budget for professional nail design? Or just feeling non-committal this V-day? Try press-on-nails! We promise, new variations have come leaps and bounds since the old ones that looked fake and popped off. You’ll look super chic while you swipe right.


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