8 Valentine’s Day gifts for couples who met on Tinder that are as hilarious as they are adorable

While it’s often joked about, The Tinder Couple isn’t just a myth: It’s real! And with Valentine’s Day coming up, we want to help do away with any shame or strangeness that may come with being one of the many Tinder couples in the world, because, honestly, who hasn’t tried Tinder at this point!? It’s 2017, y’all. Technology is our friend! And if that friend can help us find love, it’s the best wing-pal we’ve ever found. So here are some gifts for Tinder couples to cheer on that love.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, in celebration of Tinder couples, we decided to hit up Etsy for a few gift ideas. Here are some of the funniest (and most heartfelt) gifts for Tinder couples in your life. Because love is real if you just believe…and let your phone help you out.

1Get some giggles with this “Love Me Tinder” pun


Get it here for $4.50.

2Let the world (or just your bae) know how you feel about Netflix and chill with this soft tee


Get it here for $20.

3Scent your cutie’s living space with Tinder vibes thanks to this “I’m so happy I swiped right” candle. Plus, it’s customizable!


Get it here for $23.

4This “Let’s be honest. It was love at first swipe.” card is perfectly truthful, and so, so cute


Get it here for $6.

5Impress your artsy love with this cross stitch featuring the phrase “Love me Tinder, love me true” with little hearts


Get it here for $12.

6This “Thanks for not telling my parents we met on Tinder” is relatable AF, and absolutely hilarious


Get it here for $4.

7As is this “Thanks for not being another weirdo on the internet” card


Get it here for $4.50.

8And, finally, this ultra sweet “I’m so happy I swiped right” mug


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