Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him, For Her, Or Just For You

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s never been about having a valentine or not having one. I’m just simply not interested in overhyping a day in which every restaurant on Earth can get away with 300% markups on their menu items. “Oh, so tomorrow your steak dinner and will be back to the standard price? See you tomorrow then, jerks.”

Nevertheless, it is a holiday. And a wrapped-goodie-giving holiday at that. So no matter what your thoughts or plans are on this designated day of love, it’s always fun to shower your favorite people with cool gifts. Here are a few things your loved ones might enjoy, and maybe a few of these you should just get for yourself. *wink face*

1.) For the guy/gal that’s intimidated by (afraid of breaking) wine glasses.

I was convinced that I had found my soul-sauce in Guinness. I thought my life would happily be filled with easy-to-hold pint glasses, cans and bottles. But alas, my tastebuds have found another. Sweet Riesling wine is like adult apple juice. I love it. IloveitIloveitIloveit. I don’t love wine glasses, though. They’re too delicate. I am not. My hand gestures are too emphatic and clumsy for their slim little stems.

Buy: FredFlare Hillbilly Wine Glass for $12.00 and Red Cup Wine Glass Set for $16.00

Now, these glasses from FredFlare are sturdy. Granted, I may have just been knocked down to some bottom rung of “class” with these, but I feel like I could be the big fish of that pond. At the very least, it’s better than wine in a can, am I right?

2.) For the lady that wants comfort and cute combined in a shoe.

I once made the mistake of assuming that as long as it’s a flat, it’ll be comfortable. Wrong! Some flats just suck. These do not. These are amazing.

Buy: ShoeMint Ida shoes in Cognac/Black for $79.98

And because of the gorgeous pairing of black and brown, I can officially make these work with any outfit. Score. You’ll also get 20% off your first ShoeMint item if you go here. Great for your bestie, or a wonderful treat for you.

3.) For the chick/fella that appreciates bold and unique beauty.

Our friends over at SuicideGirls have put together a gorgeous collection of photographs, featuring hundreds of their models in a new hardcover book called, SuicideGirls: Hard Girls, Soft LightThe official description of the book is “an ode to the unique beauty, the individualist sex symbol, shot in her natural state.” I would never have the courage to take photos like these, so I admire their fearless confidence. Get it, girls!

Buy: SuicideGirls: Hard Girls, Soft Light for $40.00

Warning (NSFW)- as there is a significant amount of nudity in this book. So maybe avoid giving this as a gift to grandparents, coworkers, and children. Close friends, lovers and YOU would be optimal recipients.

4.) For the bro/ho that loves jammies.

I’m a very lucky individual that gets to work from home. So yeah, I love pajamas. I really have no reason to wear anything else unless I’m forced to leave my house (which I try to avoid as much as possible).

Buy: Toddland Mustache Union Suit for $34.99

These long johns from FredFlare are perfect for lounging and are SUPER cozy. Plus, they’re unisex! They come in men’s sizes but also look awesome on women. Who doesn’t love matching snuggle attire? And mustaches are everywhere lately, so you know they’re cool.

5.) For the lass that loves to rock bright nails.

Okay, okay. I know these were just featured as “Item of the Day“, but they’re only on sale for a limited time, and are just too awesome not to mention here. I’ve really been practicing my nail art and these bold colors would look “so fetch” with the (very few) designs that I’ve (somewhat) mastered.

Buy: Julep Bestie Nail Kits on sale for $36.00 and $28.00

A good sale will get me every time too. These sets are only $36.00 and $28.00 right now, down from $84.00 and $42.00! And these colors are ones that are never going to go out of style, so “fetch-ness fo’ life”.

Ugh. I should just hit myself in the face for that one. Get ’em quick, before they sell out!

6.) For the peeps that are still obsessed with The Hunger Games.

Buy: Etched Arrow Ring from Forever21 for $3.80

Really all things arrows. That’s totally my thing right now. Don’t look at me like that.

Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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