Valentine’s Day: Friends Are Loved Ones, Too

Listen up, lovebirds: Valentine’s Day is awesome! And this is a mope-free, pressure-free zone. We are not here to hate on February 14th. We are not complaining about being single or dissing Hallmark for “inventing” a holiday. We’re going to enjoy V-day this year, okay?

Valentine’s Day is about love, and not just romantic love. It doesn’t have to be a day dedicated to a week of pressure. When it comes to February 14th, we often forget to celebrate all the love in our lives – with family, friends, even pets. You don’t need a fixed three-course menu to say “I love you” to those you care about! So this year, if you’re not spending V-day with a significant other, get with the other significant people in your life. Because there’s a lot to be happy about when you have people to love who love you back.

Here’s how to make the most of your Valentines Day, the HelloGiggles way! I propose a movie night in filled with fun and your favorite people. Because it’s pretty hard not to enjoy that.

Who to Invite
Your besties! This includes girls, guys, family members and your favorite co-workers. Maybe you’ve known them for decades, maybe just a few months or years. But choose those who you feel your best around. That’s what this is all about!

What to Do
If you just want to relax, awesome. But if you’re in the mood, throw on this playlist and pamper yourself with at-home beauty treatments, or try your hand at V-day themed nail art. Most importantly, take some time to talk about why you love each other, of course. Spend a few minutes telling your besties how much you appreciate them, and why. It’s nice to remind those we love that we love them! Once you’ve shared your appreciation for each other, watch a movie. Which leads me to…

What to Watch
We’ve got options here. Whatever you choose, as long as it makes you smile, it’s a winner!

Feeling the love, and not afraid that a rom-com will feel cliché? You can’t go wrong with a classic like Casablanca or An Affair to Remember. Modern-day favorites include Valentine’s Day, Pretty Woman, Wall-E (it’s a love story!), Love Actually (it’s not just for Christmastime!) and You’ve Got Mail.

If you need a good cry, you can always watch The Notebook or Blue Valentine.

Not feeling up to all the mushiness? Pick up Garden State or I Hate Valentine’s Day. (Okay, fine, those are basically rom-coms. But they’re good.)

If you like a good scare, there are plenty of V-day horror films, like Valentine with David Boreanaz and Denise Richards.

Not in the mood for a movie? It’s the perfect night to catch up on those episodes of Shameless you DVRed.

What to Wear
It’s all about comfort. Have a PJ party! Or, do the opposite by dressing up and getting fancy for each other. Hey, maybe your “date” will let you borrow that red dress you’ve been eyeing in her closet.

What to Drink
Something pink or red! It may sound corny, but it’s fun to get in the spirit of things. Anything raspberry, cranberry or pomegranate-flavored will do. Make Cosmopolitans (Carrie Bradshaw would be proud), whip up some pink lemonade or try this Beet-n-Berry smoothie.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day dedicated to feeling sorry for yourself. It’s not about justifying being single, or going out of your way to prove you’re happy without a mate. You don’t need to give V-day the middle finger, or enjoy it only ironically. Valentine’s Day is cool! What’s not to love about spending an evening with good friends?

Featured image via ShutterStock