Reason why you should spend a magical Valentine’s Day at Disney this year

Still looking for something to do on the 14th? Do you live within reasonable distance of Disney World or Disneyland? Great! Grab your significant other or your best friends, jump in the car, and head off to one of the Happiest Places on Earth for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you’ll find there:

Heartwarming photo opportunities

PhotoPass photographers are totally prepared for this day. They’ve got giant heart frames for you on had to gather in close with your loved ones for a perfect picture.

An excuse to wear adorable candy ears

You can pick a pair up in the park, or check Etsy for some a customized pair.

A good reason to have a good meal

Skip the quick-service for once, and instead opt for a sit-down dinner at one of the best restaurants in the park. Many locations offer a “Sweetheart Dinner,” and whether you’re with your partner or your BFF, the menu looks amazing.

Heart-shaped chocolate Rice Krispy treats

There’s never been a BAD time to indulge in a giant chocolate covered Rice Krispy treat.

Wall-to-wall red, white, and pink colors

Mickey and Minnie are already wearing their red and white. But the horticulture team in the park will work tirelessly to bring in even MORE festive colors via dozens of roses.

A perfect place to do all cute poses with your friends

Go ahead and make ALL THE HEART SHAPES.

Sweet little decorations

It’s sometimes the smallest, and simplest, details that are the sweetest.

Delicious-looking caramel apples, all dressed up

They look too good to eat. But you’re going to eat them anyway.

A chance to meet the characters in their Valentine’s Day best

Around the Valentine’s Day you’ll also find a lot of princess and their princes hanging out together. That doesn’t happen every day at Disney.

Fireworks in the shape of hearts, because obviously

If there’s one day a year you should really check out some flaming hearts in the sky, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Delectable chocolate desserts

Is that… is that… glitter on the cupcake??

And this cupcake, too

Chocolate on chocolate and those sprinkles makes this a perfect thing to share, or to treat yo’ self.


There need to be more double-decker cupcakes in life.

Red velvet waffles

OK, new plan: we’re going to Disney this weekend to EAT.

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