Things you did on Valentine’s Day 10 years ago that you wouldn’t do today

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means a lot of people are looking for ways to show each other that they care. Maybe you’ll FaceTime with your S.O. or send your loved ones emojis. Maybe you’ll just text some on-point GIFs about love:




These are perfect ways to express your undying affection in 2016, but by 2026, there’s a good chance they’ll be adorably dated. How do we know? Because there are a slew of cringe-worthy things we did to show our Valentines we cared in 2006 that we would never do (at least not un-ironically) today. Like…

Send an e-card


Because animated e-cards are the Internet equivalent of dad jokes — we’ll always love them in a nostalgic kind of way, but we know what people think when we send them.

Update your AIM away message to something about *~*LOVE*~*


Probably a song lyric. Bonus points if every other letter was capitalized.

Design your own Valentine’s Day cards in Microsoft Word. 


So much clipart. So much Comic Sans.

Make a mix CD. 


There was no better way to express love than with 12 songs written by other people.

Text your crush a mirror selfie.

In which your stylish pink Motorola Razr is front and center.

Poke your love on Facebook. 

Nothing says love like a mildly annoying digital flirtation.

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