This new product gives you glittery vaginal discharge, and we’re not so sure about this

It seems like there are new bizarre vagina trends popping up way too often these days…from “vajazzling” (remember that?!) to Gwyneth Paltrow’s ill-advised jade egg vagina trend earlier this year, it seems the beauty industry is forever hell bent on us finding potentially dangerous ways to alter our lady parts.

The latest trend seems both unsafe and unnecessary, and we’re pretty unsure how to handle it. Women are putting glitter in their vaginas, and we have our fair share of questions.

Online site Pretty Woman Inc. has created Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules, which are small capsules that get inserted into the vagina, “naturally” dissolving and releasing a glittery discharge, which creates a “sparkly, flavored orgasm.”

According to the brand's website, the capsules give you "what all vaginas are supposed to look, feel and taste like; soft, sweet and magical!"

What the what?!

While these capsules feel like the byproduct of glitter and unicorn Instagram trends gone wild, the message behind this is not great. Our vaginas aren’t supposed to “look, feel and taste” like anything sparkly or flavored. They are fine exactly the way they are, and women are constantly being told that they need to smell, taste, and look different or “better,” which is so wrong on so many levels.

While we’re all for expressing your sexuality in whatever ways feel best for you, we can’t help but feel a little dubious, despite the retailer’s claims to the contrary. According to Pretty Woman Inc., “there are more harmful glitters, chemicals and additives in the lip gloss you wear or the highlighter on your face or eyeshadow than what is in this product,” and the only possible risk is that the “small particles of glitter could trigger an attack for people who suffer from asthma if ingested during oral sex.”

The product has apparently sold out on the brand’s website, so it seems as though women are excited about giving it a try. But please — always consult your doctor about any products like this before use, and don’t feel like you have to make your vagina “magically delicious” ― your vagina is not a box of Lucky Charms, and it already is magical — just the way it is.