Why we’re stoked for the entire new ‘Vacation’ movie (not just Chris Hemsworth in his underwear)

Announcement: On July 29, in the year 2015, the SEVENTH film in the classic Vacation series hits theaters. We now have a trailer for that cinematic treat and, ladies, it looks FULLY awesome. The two-and-a-half minute sneak peek is packed with call backs to the original film. It also has Chris Hemsworth in his underwear, but that is not all we’re here for!

The film isn’t a remake. Instead, it follows Rusty Griswold (now played by Ed Helms) as he tries to recreate his favorite family vacation from his own childhood. He packs up the fam (wife Debbie, played by Christina Applegate, and his two sons) to make a cross-country drive to Wally World. Hijinks, naturally, ensue.

The film seems like it will be pretty self-aware, including dialogue that addresses the fact that an entirely new generation will be introduced to the glory of the Vacation series. When Rusty’s oldest son says he’s “never even heard of the original vacation” that they’re on a mission to recreate, Rusty shoots back, “It doesn’t matter. The new vacation will stand on its own.” Meta.

Despite being its own film, Vacation will feature cameos from Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. We’ll also see a grown up Audrey (played by Leslie Mann) and her husband (played by Hemsworth). The trailer is definitely NSFW, but it’s also definitely on our list of must-see movies for the summer!

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