The most up-to-date medal count for Team USA at the Winter Olympics

The U.S. has won gold twice just four days into the 2018 Winter Olympics, with American snowboarding champions securing the U.S.’s first taste of gold in Pyeongchang. And as of now, the U.S. medal count is up to four.

The first to win gold in Pyeongchang was 17-year-old snowboarder Red Gerard, who won the men’s slopestyle event on Saturday, February 10th. Gerard made history as the youngest snowboarder to win gold at the Olympics. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson brought home the second gold medal for the U.S. on Sunday night, February 11th, when she placed first in the women’s slopestyle final, and luge competitor Chris Mazder won silver in the men’s event.

The U.S. figuring skating team then earned the U.S. its fourth medal of the games so far with a bronze. The team was expected to take gold, especially with 24-year-old Mirai Nagusu’s triple axel jump, a move few U.S. female skaters have achieved since Tonya Harding first completed it. However, 18-year-old Nathan Chen made a rare mistake in his routine, falling during one of his history-making quadruple jumps — which ultimately meant Canada took the gold. However, the chances of individual U.S. skaters taking home medals is still relatively high.

As of right now, the U.S. is fourth in the overall medal count, trailing behind Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany (which currently holds the top spot with six medals).

But patriotic fans can take heart!  In the 2014 Winter Olympics the U.S. took the second spot, winning 28 medals overall and winning the most gold medals that year.

So the odds of more medals to come is definitely good.