#UrbanOutfittersBeLike is totally cracking us up

Urban Outfitters has been the center of multiple controversies over the years. The trendy retailer has been called out in the past for a variety of offenses that have gone beyond the code of decency. But the latest UO sitch everyone’s all atwitter about is their penchant for selling everyday items for hilariously jacked up prices. Look, they’re really good at making objects like erasers and mugs seem super-special—can’t fault them for that. Can we?

The hashtag mobs on Twitter caught hold of the viral #UrbanOutfittersBeLike tag and are having a field day, mocking the copy Urban uses to market their products. The results are hilarious and on point.

According to CNNMoney, the trend kicked off last Thursday when user @wholeyattamoney posted a photo of a pair of ponytail holders being sold on Urban Outfitters’ website. You might know them best as a typical elementary school hair accessory, one that can probably be found at your local 99 cent store. Urban offers them for a hefty $8.

We perused the #UrbanOutfittersBeLike hashtag and had a total giggle-fit at some of these posts. Take a look at ten of our faves for a good laugh too. Note: these items are not sold at UO in reality, but you get the idea.

This Ridged Bobby Pin Hair Set for $14? That’s real.

You’ve got to hand it to Urban. They certainly have a way of making everyday items seem utterly original, if nothing else.

(Images via Twitter, Urban Outfitters)

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