Urban Outfitters’ latest campaign celebrates diversity and we are cheering

It’s officially 2017, and Urban Outfitters is kicking off the year in the best, most inclusive way possible: The brand has assembled its “Class of 2017,” and we’re sort of living for it. Why, you ask? Well, because the 16 influencers Urban Outfitters enlisted for the campaign come from all walks of life. The group represents diversity in all its gorgeous glory: There are people of color, men, women, trans activists, and advocates of body positivity. It’s an amazingly curated group of incredibly cool, real, radical people and we couldn’t love it more.


According to The Huffington Post, each influencer featured in the campaign created his or her own tee shirt for the ad—they used the shirts to represent what they hope 2017 will bring.

Influencers like trans model Hari Nef and body positive activist/model Barbie Ferreira chose to include messages like “You are me and I am you” on their shirts, which they fashioned out of plain Hanes tees.

The sentiments expressed are really beautiful. “Stick together,” one influencer said in a video clip for the campaign. “Do what you want to do. Never limit yourself. Do what makes you happy,” another echoed.


Honestly, this sort of came at the perfect time, and it’s such an important reminder of what America is at its very best: A place for people to connect with others regardless of race, gender, sexuality or belief. There’s hope for our generation, guys. This proves it.

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