Sad face emoji: Urban Outfitters asks employees to work for free

Sure, with the holiday season fast approaching, it’s good to get into a giving mood. However, the most recent request from URBN, the company in charge of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie, to their employees might be asking a little much. In anticipation of the busy season ahead, the company called for some “helping hands” in their Philadelphia warehouse. There’s just one thing: these helping hands won’t get paid.

You can read the full email sent to employees over here, but here’s an excerpt:

Yes, this does sound like team-building, and yes, it would be super helpful, but this is also a job. Putting together packages for shipment is a warehouse job that, for any other company, would be paid. Why not open up some seasonal positions? That would create jobs and support the local community. This seems like a sneaky way to get around having to shell out some extra paychecks.

After the outcry, URBN released a statement backing up their request:

We don’t want to put down solidarity, and if employees were truly happy to help, then that’s great! It’s still an odd request that we hope doesn’t happen again.

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