Urban Decay is taking skincare to a whole new level with their upcoming Rehab Makeup Prep line

As any devoted beauty junkie knows, if you want flawless makeup application then you need to start with a healthy base — in this case, our skin! We love seeing major makeup brands acknowledging this and creating products that work towards that, like Urban Decay’s upcoming Rehab Makeup Prep line. This six-piece collection has everything you need to leave your skin smooth, healthy, and fresh — ready for bedtime or to slather on before makeup and head out for the day!

Urban Decay’s skincare and makeup products are all made of super high quality with top performance in mind, so we have no doubt that the Rehab Makeup Prep line will be just as incredible as all their other products.

We spy with our little eyes: a hydrating gel, a lip primer, a pore refining peel, a powder skin polish, a bubble mask, and a moisturizer!

These products are perfect for scrubbing, cleansing, revitalizing and hydrating! It also includes a makeup remover that will easily melt off even the toughest of waterproof makeup, so you don’t have to tug at and brutalize your skin every time you wash your face!

Just let us know where to throw our money!

Urban Decay knows the importance of having great skin, and not just the appearance of great skin — although their makeup makes it pretty easy to fake that, too! That’s why it’s so exciting to see them coming out with such an advanced skincare line. This means you can get the whole kit and caboodle from the ground (skin) up!

Stay on the look out for further announcements about this exciting new line, like a release date, so that you can get these for yourself as soon as they come out!

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