Beauty lovers are applauding Urban Decay for showing models with “real skin” on Instagram

In this age of Photoshop and FaceTune, it’s rare to see major beauty brands advertise products without altering the texture of a model’s skin. There are companies who agree how important it is to show un-retouched skin, but few actually do it. However, Urban Decay shared a series of Instagram photos featuring models with “real skin,” and beauty lovers are praising them.

In reality, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing perfect skin on advertisements, in magazines, and on Instagram that people are cheering the a brand for showing models with skin texture, freckles, and—wait for it—pores. By letting the makeup shine on its own without the aid of filters, you can see how incredible the products really are.

Even if Urban Decay didn’t realize they would get this kind of response, it’s clear that people want to see more of this. And while they can still improve their Instagram feed, we’re glad the brand is taking steps to highlight people who aren’t naturally flawless.

People are happy to see “real skin” on Urban Decay’s Instagram, and we don’t blame them.

Hopefully, this will help people think twice when they reach for the FaceTune app, because these models look stunning without it.

Scars, peach fuzz, freckles, sun spots, lines—this is part of what makes us unique.







We hope that more brands take note. The praise people are giving Urban Decay for these photos are proof that people want to see more of this on their Instagram feeds.

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