Nooooo! Urban Decay’s Naked Vault Volume II is already sold out

Last week, we saw Urban Decay’s latest makeup palette, the result of Gwen Stefani’s collaboration with the beloved makeup company. And, TBH, we thought it *could* be better than the Naked palettes. But yesterday, something truly beautiful was released on Urban Decay’s site: the Naked Vault Volume II. That’s right: a big ol’ box that includes all our fave Naked palettes and also all our dreams.

But don’t get too excited: The palette, which was available for pre-order on yesterday, already sold out. Fingers crossed Sephora is restocking their supplies as we speak.

So whatever could this mysterious box include that makes the entire world go bonkers? Well, the Naked Vault Volume II has not only been updated with the Naked Smoky Palette, but includes the Naked (bronze neutral), Naked 2 (taupe), and Naked 3 (rose-gold) palettes. Oh, on top of that, it also includes the Naked Basic and Naked Basic 2 in mini palettes. So, you know, everything a makeup lover could ever want.

Last year, Urban Decay released its first Naked Vault for $280, saving you $92 if you had bought each palette on its own. This palette dropped dramatically in price, being tagged at $165 and saving us all an extra $109.

Sadly, the first batch flew off the metaphorical shelves almost immediately. Seriously, though— it took FIVE MINUTES. (Unless you want to buy it on eBay for almost $500. Actually wait, that sold out yesterday, too.)

We’re not totally shocked, as Naked is already so immensely popular sans price cut, but hopefully, this new palette comes back in time for the holidays. Either way, we are adding it to our list, because let’s be real: it’s the PERFECT holiday gift. Please, Sephora, make this available ASAP, and in huge numbers so we all can get it. Pleeeeease and thank you.

(Image via Urban Decay.)


We want Gwen Stefani’s new Urban Decay palette asap

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