Beauty squeeing over this Urban Decay news

Back in October, Urban Decay released an epic collection of all six NAKED eyeshadow palettes, and called it the NAKED Vault II. Doesn’t that sound like a long-lost Star Wars installment? Anyway, the amazing boxed sets sold out faster than a Taylor Swift concert, leaving tons of NAKED enthusiasts high and dry.

Well, good news.

Urban Decay is bringing the NAKED Vault II for round two, re-releasing the collection for Cyber Monday (November 30). GAHH!! This is going to be like an online Tickle Me Elmo situation. Thank goodness there are no lines on the Internet, or beauty gurus would be knocking each other’s teeth out to get this deal!

I mean, look at it. Don’t you hear angels singing?

If you went online right now and bought the original NAKED, NAKED 2, NAKED 3, NAKED Smoky, NAKED Basics, and NAKED2 Basic – which each serve a unique and important purpose in accomplishing the perfect natural-smoky-I-woke-up-like-this make up look – the total would come to $270. Woof. That’s a lot of Chipotle burritos, there.

The NAKED Vault II will go on sale for $165, saving the lucky few that get them over a hundred smackaroos.

Head over to Urban Decay to set an alert for when the Vault II goes on sale. When Cyber Monday finally gets here, channel your inner Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way. And good luck!

(Images via Disney, Urban Decay, and Universal Studios.)

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