Urban Decay just dropped a new Naked palette so prepare yourselves, guys

Even if you’re not big into makeup, you might know this: Urban Decay is kinda-sorta an amazing brand, and their products are totally worth having in case of a make-up emergency. Knowing that they’re so top of the line (and not super-crazy pricey, based on the amount you often get) it’s big news when they unveil new products.

That said, today they announced something really great. Known for their subtle “nude” colors, they just released a brand new palette of fun eyeshadows that’ll definitely be on your must-have list.

The collection is called the Naked Ultimate Basics, and it features 12 stunning colors. It’s definitely an upgrade from prior eyeshadows in the same family: Naked2 Basics and Naked Basics, both 5-star products, only have 6 colors each.

Here’s what the new palette looks like.

Even cooler, the company announced that the new product was pretty much their reaction to their customers wanting a brand new Naked palette. So, it’s great that they definitely listen to their audience.

The palette, which boasts all new neutral shades, will be available on Urban Decay on September 15, and rumor has it that it’ll retail for $55. Eep! Can’t wait.

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