Uranus Retrograde is here to challenge everything you thought you knew about yourself

Another day, another retrograde. Summer 2018, amirite? This time it’s Uranus going retrograde on August 7th, where it will remain until January 6th, 2019. During its transit, we will be wrestling with our sense of personal freedom, and learning how flexibility and openness can lead to breakthroughs in our lives on multiple levels—if we embrace those qualities, that is. Like the retrogrades of Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus Retrograde is a long journey, so we’ll be feeling the effects of this one for a while. Here’s what else is in store for you during this latest ride on the retrograde train.

When we think of retrogrades, we usually tend to think the worst, which makes sense because retrogrades tend to upend the status quo. And since we’re all creatures of habit, we dislike change and everything that goes with it, thus retrogrades = anxiety for most. But let’s be honest: Sometimes our habits aren’t altogether healthy or productive, and we need a nudge to get real about our lives. In this case, Uranus Retrograde is that nudge.

When Uranus is direct, it connects with our higher minds and represents individuality, radical thinking, and creativity. No wonder it’s also associated with innovation, discovery, and all that’s considered progressive, including technology.

When Uranus is in retrograde, though, there is a strong push to get honest with ourselves and where we’re headed, which is true on both a personal and global level. For example, you might realize you’re working at a job that you know isn’t aligned with your life’s purpose, or maybe you discover you’re doing things out of routine and long for something more creative and freeing. You might even move away from certain people in your life because you realize they’re no longer a positive influence on you.

Since Uranus is connected to our higher mind and thinking, when it’s in retrograde it helps remove outdated thought patterns, methods, and behaviors that are no longer serving us. A massive change in how we relate to ourselves and each other could very well occur during this shift, which could mean us transforming as a society for the better (*fingers crossed*).

Don’t be surprised, then, if during this powerful transit certain things may fall away from your life, including everything from jobs to relationships to old projects, as you slowly become more clear on what you do want rather than what you don’t want.

Of course, with all these changes occurring we’re bound to feel anxious and restless. You might even feel like a totally different person sometimes as you explore and confront new facets of your personality and life. This is completely normal. Change always feels weird and uncomfortable. Growing pains are all part of the process of becoming a more evolved and enlightened human.

Which is why it’s so important to look at this period as a journey to be embraced. As you release people, patterns, and other things that once pleased you, know that you are replacing them all with the new people, patterns, and things that are even better for you. It’s time to let go of the mundanities in our lives that are no longer needed so that we can finally be free. Free to love, learn, and grow into the magical humans we are meant to be.

We got this, bbs.

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