Uranus Retrograde is about to end, so let the rebellion begin

Remember how 2018 was the year of retrogrades? Well, 2019 is trying to rectify that. This week, Uranus, which went retrograde back in August, is going direct on January 6th. The rebellious planet that rules our higher mind has thrown us for a loop over these past five months, giving us a strong push to get honest with ourselves and where we’re headed both on a personal and global level. We might’ve finally quit that dead-end job or maybe took up a cause we strongly believe in so that we could enjoy more freedom. After all, Uranus is the radical planet of forward-thinking, inspiring us to break down old structures and patterns in order to build something that’s never existed before.

Now that it’s direct again, this is our opportunity to integrate all that we’ve learned moving forward. During Uranus’s retrograde phase, you probably experienced a massive change in how you relate to yourself and others, becoming clear on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. Anything from jobs to relationships or old ways of being have fallen away since August, and now here you are: stripped of the old and brand spanking new. So what do you stand for? What do you want your life to look like? Even better still, does your current life accurately reflect who you are after this transformative period?

When Uranus is direct, it connects with our higher minds and represents individuality, radical thinking, and creativity. If what no longer serves you (that toxic knee-jerk reaction or toxic partner, for example) is out of your life now, then what can you build instead to take its place? You’re more aware of what authenticity looks and feels like to you. So it’s time to create the life, including the freedom that you desire, that best represents who you are; who Uranus has helped you to become.

The end of Uranus Retrograde coinciding with the start of a new year is one of the cosmos’s greatest little gifts—you couldn’t ask for a better time to reinvent yourself and your life. Uranus is nudging you to do it differently now, so don’t be afraid to shake things up. If you could do anything super radical that aligns with your true self, what would you do? Would you start a new business? Travel the world with a non-profit so that you can work toward something that’s truly meaningful? Would you move across the country to begin a new life, the life you’ve been dreaming about but always played it too safe to try before?

Uranus is currently stationed in Taurus, where it will stay until 2026. Being an earth sign, and one that is concerned with material things and comfort, you will also see how you’re able to re-evaluate your relationship with our planet as well as possessions and anything that makes you feel “comfortable.” Don’t be surprised if you’re less concerned with acquiring things, and more interested in seeking to create and find abundance in your life through experiences and other authentic means.

The power of Uranus is all about returning to ourselves and discovering who we really are as individuals once we shed outdated conditions and societal “norms.” Uranus direct is all about learning how we can best express our unique selves while also recognizing our true value—even if that means we have to create sudden change to make it so.

Let the rebellion begin, bbs.

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