Uranus is making a big move, and it’s going to affect us for the next seven years

On March 6th, Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, leaves its current station in fiery Aries and lands in stable Taurus where it will stay until 2026. That’s right: we’ve got seven years of this placement, which is why it’s one of the most important astrological events of the year.

It goes without saying that Uranus is a slow-moving planet. It likes to put its feet up and stay for a while. But don’t mistake its leisurely pace for laziness—Uranus means business. Uranus symbolizes movement, freedom, and enlightenment. Essentially, this planet is all about changing your life. Uranus doesn’t settle—it liberates us from social norms and stagnancy. Uranus wants us to be true to ourselves as we seek more.

But here’s the thing: Taurus, that steadfast bull, loves her comfort. She’ll charge ahead, but at her own pace. So while your life will definitely shift over the next seven years, you may not feel the push-pull of the transit.

Uranus made a brief stop here in Taurus last year before returning to its placement in Aries. But now it’s settling here for a while, so what exactly will shift over the next seven years? Basically, all that Taurus rules: material comforts, finances, earthly landscapes, sensuality, and the feminine body. We’ll be more aware of how we are living and enjoying our lives, and learning how we can be more financially savvy while also treating ourselves to life’s little luxuries.

Financially, we’ll be more focused on where and how we spend our money. You might be more serious about financial planning as you take stock of where you want to invest your hard-earned $$. Maybe you’ll finally pay off that student loan debt, save for your first home, or learn more about investments. Taurus is a good little saver, but she also loves indulging her senses and pampering herself. Don’t be surprised if you’re constantly choosing whether to cut back on expenses or plan your next vacation.

Because Uranus is also about radical thinking, you might find innovative ways to have your cake and eat it too. Maybe it’s using (or developing) a new financial app or swapping clothes with a friend. Finding the balance between practicalities and luxuries—within your budget—during this period will be like hitting the jackpot.

However, being consumed by our wallets can be an unwanted burden when there’s more to do in this world than possess things. Taurus is an earth sign, so no doubt our relationship with Mother Nature will be affected by this transit. We will be looking at how we can further improve and salvage the world around us in big and bold ways. Everything from going plant-based to doing away with plastic altogether are just some of the things we will be called to do during this time. You might even want to start a garden to grow your own food.

But before you get overwhelmed by all this earth-based thinking, remember that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Taurus loves beautiful things and people, and is obsessed with sensuality. She loves indulging her five senses. So during this period, we’ll be more open to expressing our sensual selves. We may get regular massages, try tantric sex—anything and everything that brings us closer to appreciating our bodies.

Additionally, exploring what it means to love, and our relationships to self and others, will be a priority during this time. Uranus will liberate us from what means to be beautiful, and also what it looks like to be in love. How can you love yourself and others fearlessly? What feels most right to you—and not society—when it comes to relationships?

Because it’s a feminine sign, don’t be surprised if Uranus in Taurus helps push things forward when it comes to women’s rights (finally!). If Uranus in masculine Aries brought forward the #MeToo movement, then we are in for more change and transformation that will favor women and non-binary folks.

Mostly, Uranus in Taurus wants us to appreciate and improve upon what we already have, bbs. How can we make our world, both the one at large and the one we have created for ourselves, more beautiful? Uranus in Taurus helps us to appreciate the beauty that exists around and within us as we continue to move forward for the greater good of all.

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