The best updos for long hair when you’re tired and bored of wearing it down

I am not good at hair. Somewhere between perfecting my eyeliner and learning to cover breakouts, I completely overlooked how to make my hair look nice. Case in point: A family member once bought me a book of updo inspiration because they “noticed I wear my hair the same a lot.” But give me a tutorial and some patience, and even I can bust out a fairly good-looking ‘do.

Instagram is a gold mine of attainable, pretty hairstyles filled with updos for long hair. Those with long hair can easily find inspiration from hairstylists, celebrities, and influencers, and there are so many styles to choose from. Braids, twists, and ponies are perfect for holiday parties or for any night out on the town when you want to spice things up from your regular look.

Follow these 18 Insta-torials aimed at updos for long hair before your next big event.

Pretty crown braids and tendrils

Braids go with almost everything and look absolutely gorgeous for every kind of event.

Loose, carefree twists

This complicated updo is easy when broken down into a few steps.

Loose, refined updo

This look is perfect for a formal event, especially if you have a gorgeous pair of earrings to show off.

DIY messy braid updo

The best feature of this updo is that it doesn’t have to be too perfect.

Curly hair double bun

If you have curly hair, work with it rather than against it. Use your natural texture to add volume to a simple bun and twist.

Adorned updo

Snazz up any updo by adding barrettes or other embellishments. This look works for weddings, too.

Triple French Braid

You don’t need multicolored hair for this simpler-than-it-appears updo—though it does help.

Loose braids, low heat

Here’s another example of how a complicated updo can be simple to do yourself once you break down the steps.

Boho chic pony braid

A braid and pony is a winning combo, and it’s fairly simple for those who are hopeless at hairdos.

Voluminous bun and loose coils

Give your bun some volume with the help of a hidden hair donut.

Textured Topsytails

Create twists and curls all the way down for a long updo that looks elegant for a fancy night out.

Waves and french braids

Start with wavy hair, then give yourself a french braid. A few moves turn your typical braid into an updo for a night out.

Non-traditional style

If you’re looking for something a little less traditional, this powerful braid makes a statement.

Curly girl mohawk

Only have a few minutes? Get curly hair out of your face and off your neck for a night of dancing.

Messy braid updo

Wear a thick crown braid, pull out a few loose pieces, and add some jeweled barrettes for a delightfully pretty look.

Twisted bun

Give straight hair volume by twisting and texturizing pieces before building a low bun.

Simple knotted bun

Pin back long hair with an updo that is easy enough to do on your own.

Fancy fishtail

A fishtail braid goes beyond the usual plait and looks gorgeous for a fun, casual event.

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