We’ve got even MORE updates on the ‘Harry Potter’ spinoff

Accio, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them deets! Ready to hear about the newest actress to join the film, alongside Eddie Redmayne’s magizoologist, Newt Scamander? Inherent Vice’s Katherine Waterston will play a wizard named Tina, who, “works her magic in the U.S.”

Fantastic Beasts will follow Newt on his adventures through the United States as he documents magical creatures. When Newt meets Tina, she’s living in New York City. So I’ve got to ask, does this mean that Tina is an American wizard? Does this mean Tina attended the American version of Hogwarts? I’m obsessed with the idea of American Hogwarts, and I need to know everything about it right now.

While the wizarding world mastermind, J.K. Rowling has confirmed its existence, and that it will be talked about in the movie, it’s still anyone’s guess as to if we’ll actually see it. I really, really hope so. I hope one of Newt and Tina’s adventures is a return to her wizarding alma mater.

But even if we don’t see American Hogwarts, we’re still going to get a fantastic movie out of Fantastic Beasts. Rowling is writing the script herself, and praised Tina’s casting choice on Twitter:

Tina — full magical name, Porpentina — is just one of the roles that’s now been cast for the upcoming movie. Along with Newt, there’s supposedly another male role, Jacob, and another female one, Queenie, who’s Tina’s younger sister. There’s also another BIG important thing about Tina: she later marries Newt. Is there a chance we could see a full-fledged wizard wedding on the screen? If not in this first Fantastic Beasts, at least in its planned sequels, right?

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them opens in November, 2016. Accio, earlier release date?

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