Here’s an update on baby hippo Fiona, just in case you don’t follow the Cincinnati Zoo on Twitter

With her sweet smile and playful spirit, it’s hard not to love Fiona, the baby hippo born prematurely in January. This small but mighty girl has been hotly documented since her six-week early birth at The Cincinnati Zoo. We’ve seen Fiona take her first steps, learn to love bubbles and soothe her teething mouth with a gum massage. With Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to the tiny water goddess, it is hard to disagree that the world has fallen hard for Miss Fiona.

Good thing her home, the Cincinnati Zoo, has kept us up to date on all things Fiona via their Twitter account!

Even the fish love Fiona.

Thank goodness the Cincinnati Zoo shared this selfie of a fish kissing tiny princess Fiona! Not only did we need our #FionaFix, but it’s nice to know that she is making friends in her habitat. We bet she’s the most popular girl in that tank!

She is growing bigger and stronger every day.

Fiona’s body is always celebrated. As her body grows and changes as she gets older, she is accepted and encouraged for her shape. She is a true size queen, providing body-posi inspo to the masses. If we can all love Fiona for her rolls and jiggly bits, surely we can love ourselves.

And Fiona is world famous.

When the Cincinnati Zoo asked how far the Fiona Phenomenon expanded, they probably didn’t realize how global of a reach their tiny hippo had. Fiona’s fans responded in almost all 50 U.S. states and countries like Australia, Ireland, Egypt, England, Germany and Canada. One fan even responded “I’m on Mars.” Who even knows if they’re joking? That could be her reach! false

In short, Fiona is still rockin’ it every single day. She is growing in fame, size and beauty and should inspire you to do the same. There is nothing she can’t do. Future baby hippos take note — she is your Beyoncé.

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