Update: Adam Driver’s doppelganger cat has been adopted!

Just the other day, we introduced you to a cat who looked suspiciously like Girls (and Star Wars: The Force Awakens…holla!) star Adam Driver. Like, A LOT. The resemblance was pretty uncanny. See for yourself.

Once news about this feline doppelgänger hit the Internet, he was all anyone could talk about. He also happened to be up for adoption, as indicated in the original tweet with his photo. And guess what? This precious kitty (who was known at the shelter as Corey, not Adam) found a home!  

No, he hasn’t been adopted by Adam Driver. (Seriously, how amazing would that have been?) A friend and co-worker of Marci Robin, the person who first spotted Corey and tweeted about his Adam Driver good looks, is now the cat’s proud pet parent.

In an article for Elite Daily, Emily McCombs wrote that the moment she first saw Corey’s picture, “I had gazed into the eyes of this cat and felt two things deep in my soul 1) that I loved him and 2) that he was meant to be with me.”

Awww. It turns out that Emily was right. The two of them really were meant to be. Corey already had an adoptive family all lined up, but things fell through and Emily was thrilled to bring the kitty home with her. She even named him Kylo Ren. We approve, Emily! We approve big time.

Emily describes Kylo as being a huge love sponge. We’re so glad these two have found one another. If you want to keep up with this adorable cat’s new life, he’s now on Instagram as…(wait for it)…@catam_driver.

(Images via Twitter)

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