This upbeat Spotify playlist will get you through today’s inauguration (and the next four years)

Today is Donald Trump’s inauguration day and like with any major event that can easily affect the course of time, it’s natural to feel anxiety. It’s not wrong to be worried, or to feel whatever else it is you are feeling. If you want to hide under your covers all day, you are not alone (never alone).

But, as many of us already know, this feeling is more importantly, a call to action. We need to stick up for what we believe is right and defend ourselves, our friends, and our families.

We’ve put together a playlist that will inspire you to rally as many others have before us. Peaceful protest through marching, writing, orating, or singing is the greatest form of getting your point across.

These songs will motivate you to stand up and make a difference.

Take the rest of today to do whatever you feel is best for you. Prep your protest signs, log off social media, surround yourself with loved ones, and continue to uphold your positive outlook. Feeling whatever it is you’re feeling means that you care about what’s at stake, but remember to use those emotions to generate good rather than promote hate.

Who knows what the next four years will bring. But if we stick together and use our words and our knowledge to fight for the rights we all deserve, then everything will be okay. Share this playlist with your fellow proud Americans who need a boost of empowerment.

We’ve received our call to action, so let’s get moving.

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