20 unusual baby girl names from movies, because your daughter is destined to be a star

This one goes out to you cinephiles/soon-to-be parents. If you’re still thumbing through name encyclopedias and browsing the various baby name sites out there but turning up empty-handed in terms of what to name your baby girl, you might be drawing inspiration from the wrong source. It’s time to turn to the screen and pore through your favorite flicks to find perfectly unusual baby girl names for your newborn.

We’ve pulled 20 names inspired by female movie characters that will set your daughter apart from the crowd.

When you name your child after an influential film character, they grow up knowing that they share something special with a person who inspired you and others. They might take on that character’s traits and live by their example. Especially when it comes to feminist characters like Black Panther’s Nakia or Star Wars’ Rey. These names are a great foot to start your little girl off on.

Even if you’re not that into movies, most of the below girls’ names have not been pulled from the title of a film. They’re as unique and special on their own as they are in the context of the movie or pop culture.

Now, enough of these previews. Grab your popcorn and a large soda, and let’s dive into this list.

1Rey — Star Wars

2Storm — X-Men

3Trinity — The Matrix

Bad. Ass.

4Nakia — Black Panther

5Arwen — The Lord of the Rings

LOTR fans will tell you that there are several beautiful girls’ names one could pull from the franchise: Éowyn, Galadriel, and Tauriel (we know, we know — she’s from The Hobbit franchise…but still) are three other faves.

6Letty — Fast and Furious

7Clove — The Hunger Games

8Satine — Moulin Rouge!

9Ginny — Harry Potter

Yet another book series and film franchise packed with interesting and recognizable names. Hermione, Bellatrix, Luna, and Cho are also fun (and nostalgic) girls’ names any Harry Potter parent would love.

10Ripley — Alien

Although Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien is actually named Ellen Ripley, we think Ripley is a spunky and unique first name for a girl (or boy).

11Moana — Moana

12Clementine — Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

With a name like Clementine, she’ll be hard to forget.

13Holly — Breakfast at Tiffany’s

14Chihiro — Spirited Away

Chihiro is one of our favorite animated heroines with a Japanese name meaning “thousand questions,” according to Nameberry.

15Amélie — Amélie

16Hildy — His Girl Friday

17Nyota — Star Trek

18Pepper — Iron Man

Pepper Potts went from Tony Stark’s personal assistant to CEO of Stark Industries. With a name like Pepper, one is destined to live a spice-filled life.

19Cher — Clueless

20Kiki — Kiki’s Delivery Service

Think back on all the movies you love and get creative. Naming your girl after a female film character will definitely give her a fun story to tell later on in her life.

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