We just learned something unsettling about our iPhones — but we can fix it

We’ve all been scared silly by films set in the near future, depicting a world where technology has taken over. Well, we just learned something eerie about our iPhones that makes those works of fiction seem a bit too real. According to Good Housekeeping, your iPhone has been keeping track of every single place you’ve been, recording the address, how many times you’ve visited said location, and the times of your arrival and departure.

This feature is called “Frequent Locations” and has been around for quite a while. Metro published an article back in 2014 about the feature that is tucked away in your iPhone privacy settings.


Apple — or any other phone/computer hacking whiz — has access to this information, which is pretty darn scary. According to Metro, the company claims that the feature helps improve their Maps app and none of the location data leaves your phone.

Right, but, it’s still kind of weird to keep track of where we’re going! It all feels a little 1984, doesn’t it?

Computing expert, Professor Noel Sharkey, told Metro that he was completely shocked when he heard the Frequent Locations feature existed.

Prof. Sharkey stated, "Every place you go, where you shop, where you have a drink — it is all recorded. This is a divorce lawyer’s dream. But what horrifies me is that it’s so secret. Why did we not know about this?"

But as shady as this whole operation is, one is able to turn off their Frequent Locations feature. Open up your “Settings” menu. Select “Privacy,” and then select “Location Privacy.” Scroll down and select “System Services,” then scroll some more and select “Frequent Locations.” Choose “Clear History” and then swipe left on the “Frequent Locations” toggle to turn it off.

Let’s prolong the technology takeover for as long as we can! Not today, iPhones! Not today!

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