The #unsentproject is the most tragically romantic hashtag we’ve seen

The moment the very first text message was sent on December 3rd, 1992, the game of love was forever changed. In a series of typed phrases and autocorrected words on our devices, we can now instantaneously send our loved ones messages that make long, drawn-out love letters a thing of the past. Even a simple emoji (like the eggplant emoji) can covey countless words, gestures, emotions, and desires.


While the above may paint a picture of an efficient, 21st-century romance — love isn’t always that simple. After all, what about all those texts that were never sent? What about all of the I love you notes that were cut short by the delete button? Well, in an unexpected twist of fate, these long-forgotten messages are now getting sent to conceptual artist Röra Blue for her #unsentproject.

The artist printed out each submission on colored paper that corresponds to whatever shade each individual submitted. Blue then selected 400 of these messages and arranged them by hue. “My goal was find out what color most people see love in,” she states. Once the project was complete, Blue realized that love can poetically be found on every corner of the rainbow. 

While the #unsentproject collage looks like a vibrant, playful arrangement from afar, viewers’ perspectives will completely change when they move in closer and see what’s actually writing on each section of paper:

Some messages ooze love and devotion, while others emit a distressing vibe and point to a lack of closure. Together, all of the messages leave you wanting to know more, to see the love stories behind these colorful squares.

Using newer submissions, the artist will be creating many more #unsentproject collages. If you’d like to submit your own message in the name of art, click here. Plus, who knows? This community-driven project could be exactly what you need to finally let go of your past loves.

(Images via So Easy Productions/Giphy; Instagram)

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