Unreasonably brave dog tries to fight a bobcat from the other side of a glass door

It’s easy being brave when there’s a glass shield of protection (a sliding door) between you and a predator who could dismember your body in mere seconds. For some dogs though, that glass shield might not be enough to do what one unreasonably brave dog did.

When a bobcat showed up at the back door of a home in Tyson Lake in Ontario, Canada, the family dog went into full protection mode. And although he probably had absolutely no idea that the cat he was dealing with wasn’t just a regular house cat who lives his life licking himself and rubbing on things that feel good, he’s still doing a pretty great job of defending his home.

Perhaps if he saw the size of the bobcat’s teeth and claws, he wouldn’t be so brave, but again, sliding glass doors are magic shield protectors. The bobcat is likely a baby, but is just as relentless as the dog. We just hope the dog doesn’t feel as brave if he ever runs into the bobcat outside the safety of his home.

But also, how cute is the bobcat? We’re being totally unreasonable too, but we’d probably be tempted to open the door and let the bobcat live with us forever if that’s what he wanted. We’d likely regret it immediately, but still. Cute.