Unpopular Opinion: Fall is Awful

I know. I know I know I know. There’s plenty to love about fall;

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Sweaters, Boots, Halloween, Thanksgiving, not shaving, etc.,

But if we are all being real with ourselves, fall is nothing but a sick reminder that summer has died and winter’s bitter cold is just around the corner. It is a beautiful death–what with warm, brightly-colored, crunchy leaves–but it is a funeral nonetheless that we all must attend. Here are just a few reasons fall sucks could be better:


Judging from the lull in attendance in my office, one might think the flu snuck in early. You’d be wrong. The trees are quickly trying to kill us all. As the leaves fall, so must all other manner of b.s. including but not limited to: pollen, rue, dust, maple crumbs, etc., If it isn’t coughing, it’s sneezing, and no one is safe. 

Erratic Weather

I was just as excited as the next fool to put on my trenchcoat for the first time mid-September. It was brand new, had shiny buttons, and was cost-effective enough that I could still have drinks on the weekend. What I wasn’t excited about was the heat wave that tore through TriBeCa around lunch time. No one knows what to wear during fall because the daily temperature spans 20* and there’s no telling just how many layers you’ll need to strip off throughout the day.

Tenuous Daylight

I’ve given up a lot to live in Brooklyn. I used to have a car I could park wherever, and drive whenever I wanted. I used to have this thing called “spending money” and I’d take it to the mall, the movies, even to the zoo if we were feeling frisky. Oh, and I used to have sunlight. Now my salary is nothing to sneeze at, but the cost of living here is high, and let’s just say my room is the size of a pocket and it faces an alley way. I need all the sunlight I can get.  There used to be a sun. I remember a place and time where “sunshine” was a real thing. Well, before fall anyway…

All told, I don’t hate fall. I’d rather say I nothing it. I’m mostly neutral. Having an allergic reaction to a pumpkin patch is still the best allergic reaction you can have. Seeing little trick or treaters eagerly await their winnings negates the stress of finding a flexible wardrobe. Warm apple cider around a bonfire with friends can undo just about any ills that befall me during this hectic season. It’s still about 20x better than winter…

What do you love about fall, and what can you totally do without? Let me know below!

xo – Akilah

Photo courtesy of ItsAkilahObviously

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