This unlikely “Once Upon a Time” couple kissed, and Twitter is NOT happy about it

Once Upon a Time has introduced so many successful romantic relationships over the course of its five year run. De facto protagonist Emma Swan alone has been at the center of several much ‘shipped pairings. But, unfortunately, every duo can’t be a winner – like the one unlikely Once Upon a Time couple who kissed on tonight’s episode, leaving many fans none too thrilled.

The smooching characters in question were the always-fashionable Evil Queen, this season’s chief antagonist, and the recently made-over Mr. Gold, who has a tendency towards waffling when it comes to whether he’s on the side of good or evil.

The two (but mostly the Evil Queen) have been flirting since the start of the season, and things between Rumple and Belle have been rocky, so this kiss didn’t exactly come out of left field. false

The Evil Queen first made her move on Gold earlier this season (though he flatly turned her down then), and she’s been dropping by his shop with increasing regularity – particularly since her other pseudo-partner in crime, Hyde, croaked.

While Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle have undeniably electric chemistry – they’re, in general, two incredibly charismatic actors – not everyone was loving this pairing. Fans have been able to tell that the writers were inching towards a full-on make-out sesh for weeks now. Though these two didn’t get to ~quite~ that level, the brief, Evil Queen-initiated smooch was still enough to send many viewers into full-on “Nope Nope Nope” Mode.

There are a few reasons why this pairing is a little bit eyebrow-raise-worthy. Chief among them is the fact that Rumple has now officially made out with the Evil Queen, her mother Cora, and her sister Zelena at some point in time.

Rumple was arguably once in love with Cora – years ago there were even fan theories that he was really Regina’s father! – which makes this whole Gold/Evil Queen thing a little… odd.

On top of that issue, many fans are still holding out hope for Rumple and Belle, one of the very first Once Upon a Time couples we met and became invested in.


The kiss by the pair dubbed “GoldenQueen” was definitely tough to see for plenty of Rumbelle fans.

On the bright side, while the kiss was happening, Belle did slip the first sonogram picture of her and Rumple’s son under the door of the pawn shop, indicating that there is some modicum of hope for that relationship. false

In any case, this Once Upon a Time pair, while definitely not the most popular couple in the fandom, has its fair share of fans who are all in on the chemistry that Parrilla and Carlyle bring to their scenes – whether or not they particularly like the two characters together.

One thing’s for sure: We’re in it for the long haul with this show, wherever (and with whomever) it might take us!