How to unleash your inner bruja, so you can make your life even more magical

Living in tune with the earth and her gifts is something every one of us can do. Connecting to your inner bruja, or witch, is really not as hard as it seems, especially when you’re able to make little changes in your day-to-day life. Whether or not you actually have an abuelita who taught you magick, you can still learn how to cleanse your space and connect to your higher power. It just takes a little practice, of course, but there are simple ways to tap into your inner bruja every day.

With that being said, here are 8 easy ways for you to channel your inner mystic, to help make your life more vibrant. After all, we can all use a little more magick in our lives.

1Cleanse your space with sage and palo santo.

Not only are sage and palo santo easy to buy (hello, Whole Foods and the internet), but they’ve also been used for centuries for their smoke and its cleansing properties. The sacred smoke of this plant and wood, respectively, clears the energy of a space, dissipating any lingering or residual energy for a fresh start.

Cleanse your space on Sundays for a fresh new week, on the New Moon for a fresh new cycle, and before the Full Moon to clear any stagnant energy.

2Make an altar for your ancestors.

Working with tus ancestros is a powerful way to get in tune with your magick. An easy way to do this is to set up an altar in their honor. Gather photos, heirlooms, pieces of fabric, talismans, and whatever else you have from your loved ones who have passed on. Arrange them on a table, atop a fireplace, or on a dresser alongside seven-day candles, herbs, crystals, and whatever else makes you feel connected to your magick and your ancestors.

This is a space where you can talk to your loved ones, pray to them, and honor them. You can make a daily ritual out of this, lighting a seven-day candle as an offering, asking for your ancestor’s protection and guidance throughout your day.

3Decorate with seven-day candles.

Seven-day candles are those tall pillar candles you see in jars, and they’re perfect for offerings and for decoration. You can use them throughout your home as a reminder to breathe and connect to the earth and your ancestors. Whether you’re putting a candle with La Virgen de Guadalupe over your fireplace for protection, or decorating your nightstand with a love candle, these simple spells will keep your magick flowing.

4Visit your local botanica.


Another way to tap into your inner bruja? By going to your local botanica, to hit up their shelves of candles, offerings, and magick. Talk to the owner, and make sure to ask about what oils and incense they recommend for whatever you’re trying to manifest or banish. Although not everyone will be adept in brujeria, you’re sure to find someone who knows what you’re talking about.

Sometimes, botanicas even have their own brand of supplies, or offer readings, so you may want to check out a few and see what resonates with you best. Supporting small, Latinx-owned businesses and getting your witch on? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

5Divine the signs.

There are plenty of ways to work with divination, one of the most popular ways currently being the tarot. Although the tarot transcends ethnic and cultural boundaries, it’s still an easy way to get your bruja on, partially because of all the decks offered today. Whether you want to tap into your shadow side and work with a deck centered around death, or simply want to see Frida Kahlo in the cards, you’re sure to find something you love.

Talking to your family about divination is also a good idea. Who knows, maybe your abuelita could read your future with chicken bones. Connecting to the all-knowing part of yourself and your intuition by working with divination is a safe way to work on your magick, and to learn about yourself in the process.

6Talk to your familia about their magick.

Like we mentioned before, talking to your family is a really easy way to learn more about your magick. Did your mami always give you that one soup when you were sick? Did she always leave an offering for your ancestors on Día de los Muertos? Perhaps your father has  green thumb and knows all about herbs. The only way to find out is to ask!

7A cup of water a day keeps the negativity away.


Next time you have a party at your house, try this simple trick to “catch” any negativity anyone may bring into your space. Simply leave a glass of water near the entrance to your home or apartment. The water is said to catch and absorb negative entities brought by knowing guests. You can also place a glass of water above your fridge or under your bed for protection and cleansing as well.

8Cleanse that ish with an egg.


Another way to cleanse your energy is by using a huevo (an egg). This works if you’re sick or if you simply want to cleanse your aura. Take a raw, uncracked egg and starting from your head, with the egg eight to ten inches away from your body, sweep it through your aura moving to your feet. Make sure to get the palms, arms, legs, and soles of the feet as well. Then crack the egg into a glass of water, leaving it under your bed or next to your bed on the floor for twenty-four hours to absorb any negative energy. Dispose of the egg the next day.

Here’s to releasing your inner bruja in all her magick, power, and glory!