These colleges have THE BEST sexual health resources — did your school make the cut?

With the current state of sex education in the country, it’s difficult and rare for students to get access to  the resources and information they need to make healthier, more informed decisions regarding their sex education. But now, students may have more control over exactly what they’re able to access to on their college campuses.

Moreover, they are aware of the responsibility that universities have to provide better access for their students and community.

In the 11th Annual Sexual Health Report Card by Trojan Condoms, the University of Georgia was ranked the number one college in the country for sexual health resources, as reported by Teen Vogue. Other schools on the list include the University of Michigan and Oregon State University, with 140 schools in total being considered.

So what exactly helped the University of Georgia make it to the top spot?

The availability of contraceptives, HIV and STI testing, and various other sexual health resources on campus for students helps them make better, more informed decisions in regards to their sexual health.

The rankings do make a difference when it comes to the schools involved -- Trojan even recognized how its rankings encouraged universities to provide more resources, better tools, and create better rapport with their student populations when it comes to aiding their sexual health.


Rankings like these can make or break a student’s decision when it comes to choosing a school that will be most supportive of their sexual health on campus. Moreover, these rankings can be the push that other schools need to improve sexual health resources on campus once and for all.