Be VERY afraid of Universal’s new “The Walking Dead” ride

It’s no secret that we love Halloween. An entire day dedicated to candy and dressing up?  Well, thanks to the folks at Universal Studiosand The Walking Dead, it can be Halloween year round with the arrival of the new Walking Dead Attraction, which aims to bring the post-apocalyptic world of the terrifying television show to (undead) life.

Opening at Universal Studios Hollywood on the Fourth of July (what better way to celebrate our nation’s independence from zombies?), visitors will fight for survival in the attraction’s fully immersive journey while navigating through a world overrun by hungry Walkers. The Walking Dead Attraction recreates iconic show locales such as the West Georgia Correctional Facility and Terminus, the cannibal community that still gives us nightmares. The iconic “Dead Inside” doors (including grasping, snarling zombie hands) are featured as guests wait to enter the ride, making for the perfect selfie. During the actual “experience,” guests follow in survivors’ footsteps and fight their way through these nightmarish iconic landscapes.

Visitors who have attended Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights may already be aware of a “Walking Dead” themed maze, but this one differs significantly, particularly, according to Christina Radish at Collider, the special effects:

There are also sensors throughout the attraction that keep track of anyone everyone walking through the attraction, which will allow for a bit more customized experienced. Actors are given different chances to scare the visitors, and many of the animatronics have motion sensors.

Also, instead of just exploring one season of the show, the permanent attraction covers all the seasons. That’s a lot of horror! The attraction’s creators studied Walking Dead fan sites to uncover fans’ favorite scary scenes, and then recreated those scenes in the attraction! Yikes.

Needless to say, for those adrenaline-junkies in a hurry for some scares, get yourselves to Universal Studios Hollywood! (The rest of us will just check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, thanks.) If you just can’t wait, check out this periscope of a lighting test inside the ride! false