Universal Studios Florida just unveiled the most touching memorial to the Pulse shooting victims

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida just did something incredibly moving, and also so, so heartbreaking. The central Florida community is still reeling from the deadly Pulse Nightclub shooting back in June, where 48 people were killed. Immediately following the event, memorials started springing up all over Florida (and the Florida theme parks), but none of them were permeant memorials.

Now Universal Studios has a permeant memorial, so grab some tissues.

If you’ve ever visited one of the BIG theme parks — whether Universal or Disney — you might have noticed that a lot of windows, especially by the main entrance, have writing on them. It’s not just any old writing, but like the “credits” of those who either helped create the park, have a long-standing history with the park, or have greatly impacted the park (or, the company) in awesome, positive ways. It’s the theme park’s way of saying THANKS.

Earlier this week, visitors to Universal Studios noticed that there was another window high up above the walkway, but it wasn’t for any former CEO. Instead, it was for six victims of the Pulse shooting, all of whom were current or former Universal employees: Jonathan Camuy, Anthony Laureano, Xavier Serrano, Shane Tomlinson, Luis Vielma, and Jerald Wright.

“Heartfelt Universal Couriers,” the window reads. “Carrying messages of peace, love and hope to the stars. Since 2016.”

BRB, just crying a small bucket of tears over this.

It’s an incredible sweet and moving gesture, and now it’s got a permeant spot in Universal Studio’s heart forever.