This hilarious United Airlines commercial preps you for your family’s holiday dinner

Ever had anxiety about breaking the ice at a holiday dinner? A new United Airlines commercial has just the fix.

The commercial features two grandparent figures standing at the head of a table, decked out for a holiday meal.

The couple, who may or may not have been flight attendants back in the day, offer a pre-feast spiel similar to what you would hear before taking off on a flight.

"If you are seated near an exit, you may be asked to retrieve more mashed potatoes," Grandma says.  "If you're incapable, or just not in the mood, please ask to be reseated," Grandpa chimes in.

And then things take a beautiful, emotional turn. As is the norm, most family members were glancing at their phones while sitting around the table.

"It's time to turn all electronic devices to airplane mode," they say. "So we can focus on what's really important: Each other."

Thanks for the happy tears, United Airlines!

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